EMS Ambulance Checklist Software in the Cloud

AngelTrack’s checklist system for EMS ambulance and wheelchair services allows you to create, configure, assign, view, and audit checklists for EMS ambulance and wheelchair van crews. Checklist sections and items are fully configurable, and are vertically integrated with AngelTrack’s dispatch, PCR, and timeclock systems.

Because AngelTrack is cloud software, your crews can access the checklist system anywhere: at the station, on the road, while on-scene, in the ER, at a restaurant, wherever. It is completely mobile and paperless, and supports all computers, mobile devices, operating systems, and common browsers.

“Bring Your Own Device”

AngelTrack’s checklists run anywhere, on any device, desktop and mobile. iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, MacBook, toughbook, smartphone, palmtop, whatever you’ve got. All you need is a web browser… even a smartphone is perfectly sufficient. Crews can use company-issued laptops, toughbooks, or tablets, or their own personal tablets and smartphones of any size.

No more paper. No more missed days and incomplete reports. No more time lag between crews noting a problem and supervision receiving the notation. That’s all ancient history, now that AngelTrack’s cloud checklists are here.

Windows desktopiPad MiniiPhone

Nothing to Install

Unlike other checklist software, AngelTrack does not require you to install anything onto any computer or mobile device. All you need is a web browser. Nor is there anything to update, upload, or download. Your data is instantly accessible on any internet-connected device, no limits, no license codes, no prerequisites, no installation discs.

Fully Editable

Add, rearrange, remove items to your heart’s content. Use the built-in items or create your own. Create checklists for vehicles, for stations, or for both.

Every checklist item has a range of responses, according to what kind of answer you are looking for, and there are plenty of choices:

  • Yes – No
  • Yes – No – Not Applicable
  • High – Medium – Low
  • F – 3/4 – 1/2 – 1/4 – E
  • Percentage (0 to 100)
  • New – Good – Fair – Poor – Bad
  • Text
  • Number – integer 0 to 6
  • Number – integer 0 to 30
  • Number – integer 0 to 999999
  • Number – real 0.0 to 999999.9
  • OK Full – OK Middle – OK Low – Below OK
  • Expiration Date

With such a large range of responses, you can create a checklist to capture anything anywhere in your operation.

Configurable Minimums

Each item can have a minimum value. If the reported value falls below the minimum value, it will show up in the supervisors’ reports. Supervisors can then check one report to see all shortfalls across the entire fleet.

The minimum values are configurable, and you can change them whenever you wish. By way of example, you can create checklist items like this:

Item NameItem TypeMinimum Value
Safety GogglesNumber – integer 0 to 62
CPAP Mask is OnboardYes / NoYes
Box of Exam GlovesOK Full – OK Middle – OK Low – Below OKOK Low

…then just watch the shortfall reports to see if any of these items goes below minimum.

Built-in Starter Checklists

Building up a full BLS/ALS checklist is a daunting task, so that has already been done for you. AngelTrack’s built-in BLS/ALS checklist has the 300 items typically needed on an MICU loaded ambulance. It was built by actual field medics at a working EMS company. And there is a wheelchair van checklist too.

Modify the built-in checklists to suit your needs… or create a new one, picking and choosing from the 320+ built-in items or creating new items.

Group Checkoffs for Sealed Cabinets and Bags

If you use sealed cabinets, compartments, and bags, you can configure the checklist to allow all of the associated items to be skipped when the seal is unbroken. Do this by dividing your large checklist into sections, one per cabinet or other sealed container. Each section can then allow (or disallow) a “group checkoff” in which all of its items are instantly marked OK.

The crew member verifies the seal, hits one button on AngelTrack’s checkoff page, and the whole section is marked “sealed / presumed OK”. This makes short work of the otherwise tiresome task of checking off an ambulance box. Only when a seal is broken must the crew member checkoff each individual item in that section.

Paper Versions Too

You can still go old-school with a paper checkoff if you wish. Each electronic checklist can be downloaded as a printer-friendly version.

Printer-friendly versions can be either blank (to be filled out by the crew), or previously filled out with missing and below-minimum items highlighted. This allows you to meet state requirements which may necessitate hard copies kept on file, in addition to the electronic versions stored in AngelTrack.

No Fees and No Limits

All checklist features in AngelTrack are included with your AngelTrack server. There are no additional fees or licenses, and no limits. Zip.

Nor are there any restrictions on the number of checklists or the number of checklist items. No limit on the number of items per checklist or sections per checklist. No limit on the number of times a checklist is assigned, executed, or reviewed. Checklists are yours to use however you wish.

Auditing and Reporting

Smart reports are available for analyzing checklist results:

Checklist Shortfall Report

This report combines all checklists submitted on a particular date, and shows all items reported below minimums. The combined list of subpar items is sorted by vehicle/station, so that a single screen shows all shortfalls reported everywhere in your fleet. Just click to view the underlying checklists, color-highlighted as before.The Shortfall Report is intended for station captains, logistics supervisors, and fleet managers who need a quick way to see what’s missing from the fleet today.

Checklists With Problems

This report shows all Checklists that were submitted with unanswered items and/or with items below minimum. For each checklist, you see the assigned vehicle/station, assigned shift (crew members), time assigned, percent answered, number of items below minimum, and the crew’s comments. Then just click to review their submitted checklist, with empty and subpar items highlighted.

Crew Checklist Performance

This report studies the behavior of crew members during a time period: how often do they fail to submit an assigned checklist, how often do they submit a checklist with unanswered items, and how often do they submit a checklist fully filled out.The Performance Report is intended for crew chiefs and for human resources, when seeking to identify which crew members are setting a good example versus which are demonstrating a compliance problem. It provides hard numbers with which to hold employees against a written standard, or against the company average.The poorest performers can then be retrained or disciplined. Set a quantified expectation (“Get yourself up to 90% completion over the next 30 days”) and use the report to hold them to it.

Checklist Performance Visualizer

This report shows an individual crew member’s checklist performance over time, in order to see how their checklist compliance is changing. Three plots show the crew member’s rates of complete, incomplete, and unreturned checklists.AngelTrack’s “visualizer” reports are exceptionally flexible: select any zone, select any employee from that zone, select any date range, select any plotting interval (week over week, month over month, etc.), and then choose bar chart or or line graph. These options let you slice and dice AngelTrack’s data to get exactly the report you need.