AngelTrack’s checklist system for EMS ambulance services, fire departments, and wheelchair van providers allows you to create, configure, assign, view, and audit checklists for vehicles and for stations. Checklist sections and items are fully configurable, and are vertically integrated with AngelTrack’s dispatch, PCR, and timeclock systems.

Bring Your Own Device!

AngelTrack runs anywhere, on any device. You can use Android tablets, iPads, toughbooks, smartphones, and of course desktops.

All you need is a standard browser and an internet connection. There is an offline PCR too!

Use the mobile cost estimator page to see what different mobile devices will cost over time.


Check-Off the Vehicle While Enroute

Paramedic holding an iPad

The crew member who is not the driver can check-off the truck while enroute to a call.

Because AngelTrack is in the cloud, crews can also work on their checklists while posted, or while staged.

Fully Editable

Create checklists for vehicles, for stations, or for both. Create as many different checklists as you need for different situations.

Add, rearrange, rename, and remove items all you like. Use the built-in items or create your own.

Checklist Edit

Many Question Types to Choose From

  • Yes – No
  • Yes – No – Not Applicable
  • High – Medium – Low
  • F – 3/4 – 1/2 – 1/4 – E
  • Percentage (0 to 100)
  • New – Good – Fair – Poor – Bad
  • Text
  • Number – integer 0 to 6
  • Number – integer 0 to 30
  • Number – integer 0 to 999999
  • Number – real 0.0 to 999999.9
  • OK Full – OK Middle – OK Low – Below OK
  • Expiration Date

Look at all the different types of item you can add!

With these choices, you can accurately capture the condition of every item in the vehicle. Learn more…

You can also create checklists for stations.

Configurable Minimums

Each item can have a minimum value. If the reported value falls below the minimum value, it will show up in the supervisors’ reports. Supervisors can then check one report to see all shortfalls across the entire fleet.

Here are some examples:

Item Name
Item Type
Minimum Value
Safety Goggles
Number – integer 0 to 6
CPAP Mask is Onboard
Yes / No
Box of Exam Gloves
OK Full – OK Middle – OK Low – Below OK
Ok Low

Built-in Starter Checklists

Building up a full BLS/ALS checklist is a daunting task, so that has already been done for you. AngelTrack’s built-in BLS/ALS checklist has the 300 items typically needed on an MICU loaded ambulance. It was built by actual field medics at a working EMS company. And there is a wheelchair van checklist too.

Modify the built-in checklists to suit your needs… or create a new one, picking and choosing from the 320+ built-in items or creating new items.

Wheelchair van checkoff

Group Checkoffs for Sealed Cabinets and Jump Bags

EMS jump bag

If you use sealed cabinets, compartments, and jump bags, you can configure the checklist to allow all of the associated items to be one-click approved when the seal is unbroken.

Do this by dividing your large checklist into sections, one per cabinet or other sealed container. Each section can then allow (or disallow) a “group checkoff” in which all of its items are instantly marked OK.

Paper Versions Too

You can still go old-school with a paper checkoff if you wish. Each electronic checklist can be downloaded as a printer-friendly version.

Printer-friendly versions can be either blank (to be filled out by the crew), or previously filled out with missing and below-minimum items highlighted. This allows you to meet state requirements which may necessitate hard copies kept on file, in addition to the electronic versions stored in AngelTrack.

Printable version of BLS checklist

Auditing and Reporting

Smart reports are available for analyzing checklist results:

Checklist Shortfall Report

This report combines all checklists submitted on a particular date, and shows all items reported below minimums. The combined list of subpar items is sorted by vehicle/station, so that a single screen shows all shortfalls reported everywhere in your fleet. Just click to view the underlying checklists, color-highlighted as before.

Shortfall report

Checklist Queue

This convenient queue shows shows all checklists that were submitted with unanswered items and/or with items below minimum. For each checklist, you see the assigned vehicle/station, assigned shift (crew members), time assigned, percent answered, number of items below minimum, and the crew’s comments. Then just click to review their submitted checklist, with empty and subpar items highlighted.

Checklist performance report

Crew Checklist Performance

This report studies the behavior of crew members during a time period: how often do they fail to submit an assigned checklist, how often do they submit a checklist with unanswered items, and how often do they submit a checklist fully filled out. This report is for crew chiefs and HR, to identify which crew members are setting a good example versus which are demonstrating a compliance problem.

Checklist Performance Visualizer

This report shows each crew member’s checklist performance over time, to see how their compliance is changing. Three plots show their rates of completed, incomplete, and unreturned checklists. You can filter the data by zone, by employee, by date range, and by interval (week/month/year).


Performance visualizer

Easy to Learn and Use

Anyone can learn to use AngelTrack’s intuitive checklists in a jiffy.

All your training is online and freeThere is also a huge and friendly knowledge-base, where you can learn everything you need to know.

Perfect Dispatch Integration

Because AngelTrack’s dispatch system and its checklist system are the same application and the same database, data flows perfectly between them, in both directions.

Dispatchers can assign checklists to crews, and later verify completeness before letting them go off shift.

Perpetual Updates

Cloud application

AngelTrack is a cloud application, so there is nothing to install, and never any hassle with updates.

You will always have the latest version, and we constantly ship improvements.

Heavy Security Features

Your data sits behind layers of protection and careful design.

AngelTrack’s list of security features is too long to reprint here. See it for yourself here.

Steel shield

Unlimited Seats


You can have as many crew members, as many dispatchers, and as many supervisors, as you like. There are no per-seat charges. AngelTrack is licensed on call volume, and cancelled calls do not count against you.

24/7/365 Support by Americans

You get 24/7/365 support by American citizens, no charge.

We are not kidding. If you have a problem, you can talk to a native English speaker who knows what they’re doing.

Windows desktop

Checklist run on Windows

iPad mini

Checklist on iPad


Checklist on iPhone