AngelTrack’s built-in PCR supports BLS, ALS, MICU, all fire NFIRS modules, car, wheelchair, gurney van, fixed-wing, rotary-wing, on-scene labs, and telemedicine calls… both emergency and non-emergency, transport and no-transport. It is HIPAA-compliant and highly secure.

Bring Your Own Device!

AngelTrack runs anywhere, on any device. You can use Android tablets, iPads, toughbooks, smartphones, and of course desktops.

All you need is a standard browser and an internet connection. There is an offline PCR too!

Use the mobile cost estimator page to see what different mobile devices will cost over time.


Cloud Based

Cloud software

AngelTrack is a 100% pure cloud application. It’s always there for you, on the internet.

Your current, prior, and upcoming PCR reports are online 24/7/365. When you finish a report, there is no uploading or synchronizing or exporting, or any need to return to the station.

While driving to an incident, you can review the patient’s or building’s prior reports, regardless of who wrote them, including documents, DNRs, and EKG strips.

NEMSIS Certified v3.4 and v3.5

AngelTrack is NEMSIS certified on v3.4 and v3.5, and can emit data in whichever format your state requires.

Together with its dispatch system, AngelTrack’s PCR collects all data necessary for NEMSIS 3 export and upload.

It handles all of our state trauma registry requirements, including automatic uploads and punctual schematron updates.


NFIRS 5.0 Approved

AngelTrack’s PCR is seamless EMS and fire, combined, in a single user interface. It is approved by FEMA to submit NFIRS 5.0 data to the national fire database.

To see more details about AngelTrack’s PCR in fire / NFIRS mode, look here.

Offline PCR Mode

AngelTrack’s PCR offers one-click switching to its offline mode.

The offline mode is an app that runs right in the browser, using Blazor WebAssembly technology. It requires nothing to be installed ahead-of-time, just click once to switch offline, and then you can work in rural areas!

The offline PCR collects time punches, odometers, electronic signatures, e-PCS forms, e-McPAN forms, vital signs, assessments, exams, demographics, PMHx data, and billing information. It auto-synchronizes whenever its internet connection comes back. Learn more…

Ambulance on rural roads

Automatic Narrative Composer

Paramedic care

For EMS trips, AngelTrack automatically writes a starter narrative using natural language and sentence structure, drawing on data already input into the PCR and from dispatch records.

It writes the entire narrative at approximately 80% detail level. Crews just fill in the last 20% — the little details about the patient and the transport that a PCR can’t capture.

Capture Signatures on a Tablet or Smartphone

Need to collect a signature? Just whip out your smartphone and hand it to the patient — they sign with their finger right on the screen.

Or use your smartphone to photograph the signed document, and attach the photograph in the PCR. Or scan the document later and attach the scan. AngelTrack supports it all, and it’s all easy.

You can customize the legal verbiage of the fourteen built-in forms, and also add two custom signature forms for your own purposes.

Touchscreen signature

Smart Documentation Requirements

Fire Report Data Validation

AngelTrack’s PCR is integrated with its dispatch, QA, and billing systems, and so it knows what information is needed for every call, for both EMS and fire.

It lights up the relevant sections in yellow to show what’s required. Additional data pages may be recommended (in order to pass QA) but not required; these it turns dark yellow. In this way, it’s easy to see what’s still needed to submit a complete report to QA.

Integrated Schematron and NFIRS Rules

For EMS reports, the PCR performs trauma registry validation in-situ against your state’s schematron, plus any county schematron that might be in force. This shows you everything the state wants, before you send to QA.

For fire reports, the PCR validates all 184 NFIRS relational edits, all 19 incident module rules, and all star rules, to ensure that your reports will satisfy the state fire database.


Automatic Dark-Mode

Fire Report in Dark Mode

When your computer or mobile device switches to dark-mode in the evening, AngelTrack switches too, showing all pages with black backgrounds and low colors that won’t perturb your night vision.

This feature also grants relief to those suffering from eye floaters. Set your computer to permanent dark-mode, and your floaters will vanish. Learn more…

Electronic PCS and McPAN Forms

Collect one-shot and multi-day PCS forms using any mobile device that has GPS and touchscreen. You can open the form while on-scene, and then hand your device to the LVN, RN, or physician to quickly fill out and sign.

The completed electronic PCS then enters AngelTrack’s paperless document system, automatically appearing in all relevant run reports. Learn more…

There is also an electronic form for the PCS-like Medicaid PAN form, required in some states.

ePCS form

Integrated Crew Certificate Tracking

Crew certificates

All your crew certificates over time are tracked. AngelTrack automatically connects them to each crew member’s reports. It also uses them to calculate each responder’s capabilities, to help dispatchers choose the best unit for each call.

You only have to input your certificates once, and AngelTrack does the rest! Learn more…

Email a PDF of the Entire Report from Anywhere

Wherever you are, with one click you can email your completed chart, including documents and signatures, to the destination facility, or to the patient, or to the origin facility. You can do it as you are finishing up at the ER!

All emails are sent via AngelTrack’s HIPAA-compliant email provider.

Paramedic with tablet

Editable EMS Protocol and Drug Reference

Medical protocol

The PCR has an online medical protocol viewer, section by section, for quick reference in the field. The full contents of the NASEMSO National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines is already pre-loaded into 61 sections and ready to go… or ready for customizing, using the full-featured WYSIWYG editor.

Likewise the online drug reference, which is also available right in the PCR, and is already populated with fully editable content.

For both the medical protocol and the drug reference, you can cut-and-paste new content directly from your Microsoft Word documents.

ZOLL, LIFEPAK, and Philips Monitor Integration

Zoll X-series

Pull all snapshots from your ZOLL X-series monitor right into the PCR, including strips, via its RescueNet® connection. Learn more…

Likewise pull your vital-signs, ECG strips, and defib events from your Stryker LIFEPAK® monitor, via its LIFENET® connection. Learn more…

Same for your Philips Tempus Pro® monitor, via its Corsium® connection. Learn more…

Stryker LIFEPAK 15

SMS and Email Notifications

SMS notification

AngelTrack automatically notifies crews via SMS and/or email when a trip activates or changes. It sends messages to individual employees’ mobile devices and also to their vehicle’s own iPad.

Crew members can also opt-in to a variety of other notifications, including schedule reminders, shift activations, incident assignments, and 2FA. Learn more…

Message and data rate charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

Contextualizer for Data Validation Rules

State data validation rules (called “schematrons”) can produce error messages are notoriously tricky to figure out. AngelTrack provides an automatic Contextualizer that transforms each error message into clickable links that take you to each faulting datafield. Learn more…
Data contextualizer

Integrated Document Management

The PCR enjoys AngelTrack’s paperless document management system.

Each patient’s documents automatically appear in all their charts for a period of time before expiring. AngelTrack organizes documents by type, adding them to your chart as necessary.

DNR and DNR revocations, likewise, are intelligently managed. They appear in the PCR for all transports occurring during the document’s effective date. That means a DNR needs to be scanned just once, and then every call thereafter will automatically have a copy.

Custom Fields

PCR custom fields

AngelTrack allows for custom PCR questions to be created to support your operational needs. Create specific questions and require your medics to complete them in the field so you can track what’s actually important to your operation.

Each field has a configurable minimum value, so as to provide visual indication of below- or above-normal data values. Learn more…

Crew Achievements

AngelTrack has a videogame-style achievement system, with 26 different achievements, each with 12 different levels… a total of 284 different ribbons to win. The achievements reflect the challenges and chores of a career in EMS and fire.

Of those, 23 are automatically tabulated and awarded, while 3 are manually awarded by supervisors. There are also secret awards that very dedicated crew members can discover. Learn more…

Crew achievement pins

Built-In ICD-10 Finder and Medication Finder

Keypunch of patient PMHx data is made easy with a built-in ICD-10 code finder, which knows the entire ICD-10 code database and can match codes by body part or by symptom.

Likewise the built-in medication finder, which knows the entire RxNorm database of medications (about 1 million entries) and can match medications by partial name or by ingredient.

ICD-10 and medication lookups

Easy to Learn and Use

Anyone can learn to use AngelTrack’s intuitive PCR in a jiffy. Find out why crews love it!

All your training is online and free, with certificates provided for the completion of PCR-BLS lessons.

There is also a huge and friendly knowledge-base, containing more than 230 informative articles in plain English.

Meds and Narcotics Reporting

Supervisors can pull reports at any time showing medication usage as recorded in the PCR. A bird’s-eye report shows all medication usage over any date range, sorted by medication and route, with dive-down.

Wasted medications are tracked and reported, with automatic witness signature requirements. Narcotics usage reports highlight suspicious usage patterns that may indicate diversion. Learn more…

Medication usage report

Snapshotting Shows Patient Data Over Time

Snapshotting stores a patient’s entire history even as it changes over time.

Whenever you transport one of your frequent fliers, AngelTrack already has their demographic, PMHx, and billing data at your fingertips. Just notate any changes and hit ‘save’. Learn more…

Completeness Reporting

PCR completeness

PCRs must be tolerant of missing information, for when patients are uncooperative or when the chaos of critical transport doesn’t allow time to collect much data. And yet we wish for crews to fill out their PCR forms as completely as possible.

AngelTrack solves this problem by offering completeness reports, showing how thoroughly each crew member fills out their PCR forms on average. By looking at averages, we allow for the occasions when the data is just not available.

Ultra-Simple Wheelchair Van and Car Calls

If you offer car, wheelchair van, or gurney van service, AngelTrack’s PCR makes it ultra-simple for your drivers to make time punches, input their odometers, and collect electronic signatures. If the leg times and mileages are sensible, AngelTrack automatically submits their reports to QA.

Wheelchair van

Automatic State Uploads

AngelTrack handles all of your trauma registry upload tasks for you, automatically, including periodic updates of schematrons (aka validation rules). Schematron validation is performed live, so that crews can address all errors and warnings before submitting their reports to QA.

AngelTrack also handles all state fire database upload tasks, including automatic re-uploads, automatic inactivity reports, and automatic record-deletion reports. Learn more…

Perfect Two-Way Dispatch Integration

Because AngelTrack’s dispatch system and its PCR are the same application and the same database, data flows perfectly between them, in both directions.

Dispatchers can watch as crews mark their progress and add patient data.

Perfect Vertical Integration with QA and Billing

AngelTrack’s PCR and its billing system are the same database. This allows crew members, dispatchers, and crew members to simultaneously contribute data to each chart.

Your QA reviewers will love how easy it is to interact with crews, sending charts back and forth until satisfactory.

Your billers will love how much information they will receive from the PCR and from dispatch.

Create Custom Metrics with Report Builder

AngelTrack’s Report Builder can pull hundreds of data columns from the PCR, plus the dispatch, billing, and fleet systems, to create custom metrics, reports, and charts.

Automatic sliding date windows make it simple to report on the past 7 or 30 or 90 days of activity.

Perpetual Updates

AngelTrack is a cloud application, so there is nothing to install, and never any hassle with updates.

You will always have the latest version, and we constantly ship improvements.

Cloud application

Heavy Security Features

Steel shield

Your data sits behind layers of protection and careful design.

AngelTrack’s list of security features is too long to reprint here. See it for yourself here.

Unlimited Seats

You can have as many crew members, as many dispatchers, and as many supervisors, as you like. There are no per-seat charges. AngelTrack is licensed on call volume, and cancelled calls do not count against your license.

24/7/365 Support by Americans

You get 24/7/365 support by American citizens, included with your AngelTrack license.

Yes, really. If you want help, you can talk to a native English speaker who knows what they’re doing.

Android phone

PCR assessment on Android

Windows desktop

PCR vitals on Windows

iPad Mini

Electronic signatures on iPad Mini


PCR ECG page on iPhone