AngelTrack includes a FEMA-approved NFIRS report writer/editor that implements all NFIRS modules, including the optional ones and local-use fields. It supports fire, rescue, hazmat, EMS, casualty, and arson calls, plus electronic documents and signatures.

It is part of AngelTrack which runs your whole fire department, as well as any EMS responders… whether you have one station or thirty!

Perfect Side-by-Side EMS and Fire

Fire and EMS Side by Side

AngelTrack supports both fire and EMS calls, side by side, in the same user interface, with no retraining.

You can even change a fire call into an EMS call, or vice versa. To learn more about the features for EMS calls, look here.

NFIRS / FEMA Approved

AngelTrack is approved by FEMA to submit NFIRS 5.0 data to your state and to the national fire database.

AngelTrack supports all NFIRS modules, including the optional modules and the local-use fields.

NFIRS approved

Automatic Data Validation Rules

Fire Report Data Validation

AngelTrack checks all 184 NFIRS data validation rules (called “relational edits”), plus all 19 NFIRS incident module rules, plus all the “star” rules to verify that your report is acceptable to the state fire database.

If any validation rules fail, AngelTrack will show the error message, and will offer you a link to the relevant UI page. Learn more…

Plus-One Codes

You can add plus-one codes to any of the 115 different values-tables used within AngelTrack’s fire report forms.

Plus-one codes allow you to give finer-grained responses than otherwise allowed by the NFIRS format. Learn more…

Plus One Codes

100% Cloud - Bring Your Own Device


AngelTrack is a pure cloud application, with nothing installed on local computers and mobile devices. Simply open a browser and start working.

Run Calls Without a Signal

AngelTrack’s offline PCR allows crews to run calls without an internet connection, marking their time punches, waypoint coordinates, and odometer readings, and getting driving directions and lists of nearby fire hydrants.

After call completion, crews can one-click switch back to online AngelTrack to finish their report and send it to QA. Learn more…

Fire truck on rural highway

Automatic State Uploader

Fire State Uploader
AngetTrack automatically uploads your completed NFIRS reports to any state fire database that offers the standard SFTP interface. This upload process is integrated with the data validation rules, guaranteeing that your trips will only be sent after they are sure to pass the state’s validation process. Learn more…

Customizable Building Inspection Forms

Define as many different building inspection forms as you like. Inspectors on-site can select the appropriate form, fill it out as they walk the building, and then email the results to the owner, with any deficiencies noted.

Every facility’s history of inspections are available to crews and inspectors during future visits. Learn more…

Fire inspection checklist

Electronic Documents and Signatures

Touchscreen signature

The NFIRS report editor resides within AngelTrack’s PCR, and so enjoys all the extended features — including electronic document upload, electronic signature collection using any touchscreen device, review of prior visits to the same address, and so on.

Easy to Learn with Free Online Training

AngelTrack has an intuitive design that is easy to learn. All training materials — including videos, walkthroughs, knowledge base articles, and video lessons and quizzes — are available online free of charge.

SMS and Email Notifications

SMS notification

AngelTrack automatically notifies crews via SMS and/or email when a trip activates or changes. It sends messages to individual employees’ mobile devices and also to their vehicle’s own iPad.

Crew members can also opt-in to a variety of other notifications, including schedule reminders, shift activations, incident assignments, and 2FA. Learn more…

Message and data rate charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

Integrated Fire Hydrants Database

While enroute, AngelTrack shows every crew the list of fire hydrants near the scene, including bonnet colors and walking directions. Learn more…

To make use of this feature, you must import your district’s list of fire hydrants.

AngelTrack will then track your hydrant inspections for you, with electronic forms for hydrant inspections covering everything you might wish to test. Learn more…

Fire hydrants map

Automatic Dark Mode

Fire Report in Dark Mode

All pages in AngelTrack detect your computer’s or mobile device’s light-mode / dark-mode setting, and automatically match it. When your computer switches to dark-mode in the evening, so also will AngelTrack, no action required.

Youl will also enjoy using dark-mode if you are burdened with eye floaters.

Hose and Equipment Tracking

Track each of your hoses and other pieces of equipment. Assign hoses and equipment to specific vehicles as their standard loadouts.

For each item, keep records of its annual inspections, and get reminded when the next inspection is due. Learn more…

Equipment tracking

Fire Preplans

Fire preplan form

Create a fire preplan for every building in your service area. Crews enroute and on-scene can review the preplan on their mobile devices.

The electronic preplan form contains dozens of fields in fourteen different categories, allowing you to capture every useful detail. Learn more…

Perfect Two-Way Dispatch Integration

Because AngelTrack’s dispatch system and its PCR are the same application and the same database, data flows perfectly between them, in both directions.

Dispatchers can watch as crews mark their progress and add data to their reports.

Dispatch from the Road


Crews who have dispatcher privileges can dispatch themselves and other crews, right from the cab while enroute to a call.

You can book new calls or add more responders to an active call.

Perfect Vertical Integration with QA and Billing

AngelTrack’s PCR and its billing system are the same database. This allows crew members, dispatchers, and crew members to simultaneously contribute data to each chart.

Your QA reviewers will love how easy it is to interact with crews, sending reports back and forth until satisfactory.

Your billers will love how much information they will receive from crews and from dispatch.

Email a PDF of the Entire Report from Anywhere

Firefighter holding an iPad

Wherever you are, with one click you can email your completed report, including documents, signatures, and building inspection forms, to the facility, or to the customer. You can do it as you are finishing up on scene!

All emails are sent via AngelTrack’s HIPAA-compliant email provider.

Integrated Crew Certificate Tracking

All crew certificates over time are tracked, and automatically connected to each crew member’s reports.

AngelTrack automatically calculates crew capabilities by reference to fire, EMS, rescue, hazmat, and CPR certificates on file.

You only have to input your certificates once. Supervisor can pull reports showing certificates that are expired or nearing expiration. Learn more…

Crew certificates

Ad Hoc Report Builder

All fire-related trips in AngelTrack appear in AngelTrack’s ad-hoc report builder, allowing you to create custom charts and metrics. The Report Builder is a premium add-on requiring a separate license.

Perpetual Automatic Updates

AngelTrack is a cloud application, so there is nothing to install, and never any hassle with updates. You will always have the latest version, and we constantly ship improvements.
Cloud application

Heavy Security Features

Steel shield

Your data sits behind layers of protection and careful design.

AngelTrack’s list of security features is too long to reprint here. See it for yourself here.

Unlimited Seats

You can have as many crew members, as many dispatchers, and as many supervisors, as you like. There are no per-seat charges. AngelTrack is licensed on call volume, and cancelled calls do not count against you.


24/7/365 Support by Americans

You get 24/7/365 support by American citizens, no charge.

We are not kidding. If you have a problem, you can talk to a native English speaker who knows what they’re doing.