AngelTrack is a unified, vertically integrated system
for EMS and fire operations.


AngelTrack includes a vertically-integrated dispatch system, which all of your employees can access from anywhere using any device. It supports EMS and fire side-by-side, scheduled and emergent calls, transports and non-transports, and all service levels including air medical.

Invoice Generator


AngelTrack’s billing system is vertically integrated with its dispatch and PCR systems, enabling your trip data to seamlessly pass from dispatcher to crew to QA to biller. Fire and EMS calls are billed side-by-side on the same invoice.


AngelTrack’s PCR is NEMSIS certified for EMS calls, and NFIRS approved for fire calls. It is vertically integrated with its dispatch, QA, timeclock, and billing systems. Crews can access it anywhere from any device, with no need to install anything, and it has an offline PCR mode for areas with no signal. Live data flows between dispatchers and crews as each trip proceeds.


AngelTrack’s cloud timeclock is integrated with its dispatch and PCR systems, allowing it to enforce PCR report completion before clockout. It tells dispatchers who is available to jump onto a truck. And it can restrict clock-ins and -outs to specific company locations.

Crew Scheduler

AngelTrack’s crew scheduler is vertically integrated with the timeclock and the dispatch system, allowing dispatchers to pre-assign future trips to future scheduled crews. Crew members can access their schedules online, and even receive SMS notices of imminent duty periods.


AngelTrack’s checklist system is vertically integrated with its dispatch, PCR, and timeclock systems, allowing crews to work on their vehicle checkoffs even while enroute to a pickup. The timeclock can require checklist completion before allowing clockout. Crew members can use any mobile device, even personal smartphones, to check off their truck.


AngelTrack support is available by phone and email, 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. All support personnel are Americans working onshore. We are always here for you.