“It’s like discovering fire.” — William C, Texas, 2015


“I have been looking for a software that captures your entire business model of EMS with an easy to use, implement, view and understand format not only for the individual but for the entire organization within the EMS structure. Angel Track Software was designed with the owner in mind. A complete package to run your maintenance of your units, fuel reports, payroll, time keeping along with dispatch of units.” — Kevin C, Texas, 2016


“The best all around and most cost effective ambulance management tool I have ever used!” — Larry T, Arkansas, 2017


“AngelTrack is an incredibly user friendly program. Includes excellent tracking and call logs with the ability to carry out ambulance operations smoothly and efficiently. They are constantly updating and improving the program developing into a dual use with scheduling.” — Aram G, California, 2021


“Angel Track is user friendly and efficient. Our company has been working with Angel Track for years; the customer service is impeccable and priceless.” — Renata L, Arizona, 2021


“AngelTrack was a major factor in our growth and expansion. Its economical price and its powerful functionality were a key factor in our success.” — Dan S, California, 2021


“I have been utilizing Angel Track for two years now.  I am still finding new and useful tools. I whole heartily recommend Angel Track.  Do not cut yourself short, give yourself a chance to learn the basics.  Shortly thereafter the rest will come easily. I have dabbled w/ other EMS software reporting programs.  Angel Track has them all beat.” — Alfonso Z, Texas, 2021

“AngelTrack is already much, much easier and much less redundant than any of the other dozen pcr softwares platforms I and most of my crew members have used. This is why we love it!” — Steve R, South Carolina, 2022


See also the reviews posted on Capterra: https://www.capterra.com/p/133126/AngelTrack/