EMS and Fire Timeclock Software in the Cloud

AngelTrack’s built-in timeclock is a full-featured secure online time clock for EMS ambulance services, fire companies, and wheelchair-van services. It has role-based access control, and tight vertical integration with the rest of AngelTrack. It is 100% cloud, designed just for emergency services, and has no limits of any kind.

Because AngelTrack is cloud software, your crews can access the timeclock anywhere: at the station, on the road, while on-scene, in an ER, at a restaurant, wherever. It is completely mobile and paperless, and supports all computers, mobile devices, operating systems, and common browsers.

"Bring Your Own Device"

AngelTrack’s timeclock runs anywhere, on any device, desktop and mobile. iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, toughbook, MacBook, smartphone, palmtop, whatever you’ve got. All you need is a web browser, and a smartphone is perfectly sufficient. Employees can use company computers or their own.

EMS Time clock

On-Duty and On-Call Timecards

Each employee’s timecard has entries for on-duty (at regular pay) and for on-call (at reduced pay).

On-call employees are automatically switched to on-duty when a call is assigned to them.

Every employee has a configured pay rate, and you can configure a different rate for on-call hours. When it’s time to do payroll, AngelTrack calculates it all for you… including salaried employees who also use the timeclock.

Any Number of Locations

If you have several locations or stations, the time clock is available at all of them. Once an employee’s mobile device (or personal smartphone) is connected to a company-run wifi or wired network, AngelTrack allows them to clock-in and -out. You can designate any building, facility, or residence as an approved clock-in/clock-out location… including your crew posts.

Don’t waste money on old-fashioned timeclock software that only runs in certain designated computers. That just ties up an otherwise useful computer.

High-Security Mode

When AngelTrack’s timeclock is configured for high-security mode, it requires a live selfie image from any employee seeking to clock-in. The employee must take a fresh selfie photo, using the integrated camera on their phone, tablet, or laptop, or using a USB camera on their desktop computer. 

Only live photos taken from a live video-camera stream are accepted, so that the system cannot be fooled by photos taken previously.

The photos are stored in the employee’s timecard for review later.

Tardies and Absences Logged


Timecards in AngelTrack include punctuality flags for marking minor and major tardies. Absences are also recorded, including the beginning time and end time of the work period the employee missed.

Later, statistical reports show where the tardy and absence problems are.

The time clock is integrated with AngelTrack’s crew scheduler, and so when both features are in use, late clock-ins are automatically marked as tardy.

Check Your Timecard From Anywhere

Any employee can use any computer or mobile device to view their timecard, or check whether they are clocked in.

Every employee’s complete timecard history is online, and accessible to the employee at any time. So, when handing out paychecks, you can simply collect a signature indicating the employee has reviewed and accepted their timecard for that pay period.

Automatic Punctuality Warnings

AngelTrack’s timeclock makes it is easy to identify punctuality problems. A single report with chart shows tardies and absences over any date range.

Employees also have advance warning when a punctuality problem is developing: the employees’ home pages show a continuous scoreboard that tallies their tardies and absences, across however many months your company policy dictates. If your employee handbook sets a limit on the number of tardies and absences in a three-month period, then AngelTrack’s punctuality scoreboard shows each employee their prior three months’ performance.


Smart Restrictions on Clockout

Because the timeclock is integrated with AngelTrack’s many other features, it knows when an employee has unfinished reports, uncorrected reports, and unfinished checklists. Supervisors can choose to disallow clockout when an employee has unfinished and uncorrected reports older than a set number of hours… or when an employee has a checklist assigned that is not yet completed.

So there will be no more “Oh, I forgot to finish that, sorry boss, slipped my mind”. Watch as reports are turned in promptly, and checklists finished consistently, when employees learn they can’t go home until those chores are finished.

On-call / On-break Tracking

If you allow it, your employees may switch themselves to on-call, for which they are paid a different rate. AngelTrack will then automatically switch them back to on-duty if a dispatcher assigns a call to them.

This system can also be used to track mandatory breaks, and dispatchers have the ability to one-click switch all members of a crew from on-duty to on-break.

Integrated with the Dispatch System and Crew Scheduler

AngelTrack is perfectly vertically integrated; it was built as a single database, rather than as a collection of acquired apps bolted together. This vertical integration means that the dispatch system is directly aware of the time clock, allowing it to show your dispatchers which employees are available… even if they are clocking in at remote offices.

The timeclock is also perfectly integrated with AngelTrack’s crew scheduler, so that scheduled shifts do not begin until all crew members are clocked-in. Tardies are then automatically marked.

Convenient for Supervisors


Dispatchers and supervisors can click a button to pull up the timeclock at any time to see who is clocked-in. This makes it easy to enforce “go home as soon as your work is done” directives to keep labor costs down… even if the supervisors in question happen to be out in the field. Any employee with a mobile device can access AngelTrack, from anywhere.

Supervisors can also review individual employees’ timecards going all the way back to hire date.

Built-in Payroll Calculator

The timeclock comes with an integrated payroll calculator that supports all of the following:

  • Hourly and salaried employees
  • Configurable pay period length, start day, and start hour
  • Overtime pay for hourly employees
  • On-call hours paid at a separate rate
  • Change in pay rate in the middle of a pay period
  • Change from hourly to salaried or back again in the middle of a pay period
  • Hire or termination in the middle of a pay period

With so much intelligence built into the payroll calculator, all you have to do is export the totals into your accounting software or to your payroll processor. The totals are exportable as a .CSV file that can be emailed, or opened right in Excel.

Nothing to Install

Unlike other timeclock software, AngelTrack does not require you to install anything onto any computer or mobile device. All you need is a web browser. Nor is there anything to update, upload, or download. Your data is instantly accessible on any internet-connected device, no limits, no license codes, no prerequisites, no java or flash or .NET or silverlight, no installation discs. It just works.


Labor Statistics Integrated with Dispatch

AngelTrack’s dispatch components are fully integrated with its timeclock, allowing AngelTrack to present you with neat charts showing labor cost versus call volume, or labor cost versus revenues.


The traditional timeclock reports are also available: timeclock hours week over week by job title, and labor cost week over week (with and without salaries) by job title. Reports can show just one zone (an individual station, or region, or division, or franchise) or your entire operation. Select any date range, going all the way back to the day you opened your doors.

And it gets better.

Thanks to tight integration between timeclock and dispatch, AngelTrack can calculate your utilization rate: the percentages of time employees spent on-shift versus time spent running calls. This is the most important measure of an EMS operation, and it is normally very difficult to calculate. Indeed, it can’t feasibly be calculated at all for a paper-based operation.

AngelTrack calculates it instantly, for each patch level, over any date range, zone by zone or the whole company at once.

Secure Journals are Admissable as Evidence

If it is ever necessary for a member of HR to edit an employee’s timecard, AngelTrack maintains a secure journal showing what correction was made, who made it, and when they made it. The journals are viewable by members of HR and cannot be modified by anyone under any circumstances.

If you are ever called to a labor law hearing about an employee’s timecard, the journals are admissable as evidence, in order to show that the corrections were justified and proper.