Privacy Policy

This privacy statement applies to,, and all AngelTrack cloud services, as well as offline support services. It does not apply to your Billing Service, if any; your Billing Service will have its own privacy statement.

It was last updated June 9th 2015.

Customer Identity Information

Basic customer information is collected when you sign up for AngelTrack, and is stored onsite at AngelTrack LLC headquarters for use in billing and support, and in communicating with you for matters related to your account and your AngelTrack cloud server.

Your customer information is never transferred or sold to any third party, excepting your chosen Billing Service, if any, if they are affiliated with AngelTrack.

Operational Data

AngelTrack will obviously collect a great deal of data about your organization, including your employees, dispatches, customers, contracts, vehicles, patients, incidents, and so forth. This privileged information is never shown or transmitted to any third party. Employees of AngelTrack LLC will access your data only when necessary for the ongoing maintenance of the application.

For a more detailed guarantee, read the Reseller Access to Your Cloud Server policy document.

Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies

Your AngelTrack server uses cookies for login/authentication and to remember your user interface preferences. These cookies are never sent to any other website, and furthermore do not contain any personally identifiable information.

No data is collected about you, or your employees, or their usage of AngelTrack, outside of what your AngelTrack server stores internally for your use in managing your EMS operation. Such data is never transferred or stored outside of your AngelTrack cloud server, excepting the automatic backup process that stores a copy of your data on a different machine within the secure datacenter. Your data and its off-machine copy are not availablet o any third party under any circumstances.

Employees of AngelTrack will access such data only on a strictly “need to know” basis, and only for the purpose of supporting or improving the AngelTrack product.


There is no advertising of any kind anywhere in AngelTrack, or in your AngelTrack cloud server.

AngelTrack will never cause your web browser to contact any third-party server or data, excepting the Google Maps™ online service for the purpose of showing you trip distances and driving directions.

Location Tracking

Your AngelTrack cloud server requests location information only from crew members (never from other classes of employee), and only for the purpose of:

  • Displaying their position on live maps shown to dispatchers and supervisors; and
  • Recording their position at the major waypoints of a dispatch.

This location information is stored only in your AngelTrack cloud server, and shown only to dispatchers and supervisors who have logged in with their username and password. The information is not available to any third party under any circumstances.

Patient Data

Patient data is stored in your AngelTrack cloud server in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. Your cloud server physically resides in a secure datacenter with strict access control. We never view your patient data except as unavoidably required in order to resolve a support issue you escalated to us.