EMS and Fire Cloud Based Employee Scheduling Software

Manage your emergency service operations with clarity and efficiency using AngelTrack's unified EMS & Fire system. This comprehensive solution ensures EMS crews, fire crews, and office staff work together seamlessly, sharing a single global schedule. Employees can receive SMS or email notifications as well as use integrated shift-swapping or vacation request functions, ensuring everyone coordinates seamlessly.

Integrated Dispatch & Scheduling

AngelTrack's scheduler smoothly integrates with our dispatch system, enabling dispatchers to assign trips to scheduled crews in the future. The system verifies crew certifications, vehicle capabilities, and work schedules, helping dispatchers identify the most qualified and available shifts for each trip, no matter how far ahead.

With AngelTrack, you can smoothly handle shift swaps and time-off requests, without the fear of double-booking or unmanaged overtime. Employees can select shifts to swap or request time off, and the system immediately sends a notification to HR/Supervisors for approval or denial. AngelTrack even supports PTO requests, offering a similar workflow for approvals and immediate assignment of replacements.

Customizable Staff Management

AngelTrack's system extends beyond field crews, offering efficient tracking of office staff through 'Positions.' Similar to shifts, these Positions can be scheduled, swapped, and efficiently managed, encompassing aspects such as time clock regulation and vacation requests.

What's more, these Positions are fully customizable. You can tailor everything from the number and variety of positions to the employees linked with each, ensuring the system meets the unique needs of your organization.


AI-Powered Resource Planning

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, AngelTrack provides innovative projections based on your past dispatch data. This feature enables managers to accurately predict the number of units that will be needed at any given future date and time.

With this system, managers can effortlessly assess whether sufficient units are scheduled for the upcoming week. This forward-thinking approach streamlines operations and aids in effective resource planning.

Streamlined Payroll & Performance Management

AngelTrack simplifies employee compensation management through its integrated time clock and payroll calculator. This user-friendly system accurately differentiates between on-duty, on-call, and break times, automatically shifting employees from on-call to on-duty status as they're assigned a call. Each employee's pay rate is set within the system, with the option to specify a different rate for on-call hours.

Maintain punctuality and manage absenteeism efficiently with AngelTrack's performance tracker. It alerts employees with visual warnings if there are emerging tardiness issues, and it keeps a precise record of their performance over any chosen period.


Incident Reporting

AngelTrack's incident system is designed to enhance communication and documentation during incident occurrences. From minor mishaps such as a damaged tail-light to major incidents like vehicle crashes, the system assists in compiling evidence, witness testimonies, and necessary documentation prior to decision-making.

Supervisors can adjudicate these incidents, recording the conclusions in the employee's personnel file. This ensures a comprehensive record is maintained, contributing to an accurate evaluation of overall performance.

Intelligent Time-Tracking with Advanced Clock-In Controls

AngelTrack empowers businesses with intelligent controls on clock-in procedures. It features an IP-based GeoFence system, device-oriented login control, and a live selfie snap system to ensure authenticity and precision. Furthermore, the platform allows for restrictions on clock-out, guaranteeing accurate and equitable tracking of employee work hours.

Experience the practical, straightforward approach to people management with AngelTrack.

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