EMS Ambulance and Fire Cloud Based Dispatch Software

AngelTrack’s CAD system is a perfectly integrated complete Dispatch system designed to streamline your Dispatch workflow with seamless data-sharing and intelligent recommendations for further optimization.

Complete Support for All Service Levels and Vehicles

Plan and coordinate your EMS (NEMSIS) and Fire (NFIRS) units seamlessly, utilizing a unified dispatch panel. Every team's EMS & Fire Service Levels are instantly determined by the system, leveraging the vehicle capabilities and crew qualifications available in the database.

All crews benefit from a streamlined, unified login and interface, facilitating call reception, progress tracking, and report completion efficiently.

Intelligent Service Level Calculations for Shifts

AngelTrack safeguards your dispatchers by autonomously determining the service levels of each response unit, incorporating the vehicle's features and the EMS, fire, CPR, and rescue certifications held by all crew members on-board.

This calculated data assists dispatchers in optimally selecting units to respond to each call.

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Genuine Cloud-Based BYOD Solution

AngelTrack operates on a cloud platform, offering the flexibility to access it anywhere, from any device connected to the internet.

Whether employees are working from a coffee shop, their car, or any other location, AngelTrack ensures uninterrupted service. Similarly, supervisors can oversee the entire operation while on the move or from the comfort of their homes.

Explore the benefits of taking your organization mobile visit the EMS page to learn more about how AngelTrack can modernize your operations.

AI-Powered Dispatch Support

With AngelTrack, dispatchers can complete a comprehensive round-trip call record within the duration of a phone conversation, thanks to the wealth of information provided during the booking process:

  • Recognized origins and destinations, complete with phone numbers

  • A graphical map showing the origin, destination, suggested route, and nearby fire hydrants

  • Identified patients, including demographic information, residential facility, room number, and any necessary warnings

  • Prior authorization prerequisites, considering the patient’s existing authorizations on record

  • Comprehensive history of the patient's calls and upcoming bookings

  • Intelligent Overlap/Single/Double finder for enhancing Dispatch efficiency

  • Integrated customizable EMD Card Deck

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AngelTrack Call-Taking Assistance

Dispatchers have the ability to finalize a complete call record within the timeframe of a single phone conversation, owing to the comprehensive information AngelTrack provides during booking:

Familiar departure points and destinations, inclusive of their contact numbers.

Visualized map detailing the origin, destination, proposed path, and proximate fire hydrants.

Projected cost considering retail, Medicare, and all pertinent contract rates.

Recognized patients, encompassing demographics, living facility, room number, and necessary alerts.

Requirements for prior authorization, taking into account the patient’s present authorizations on record.

Comprehensive call history of the patient and future scheduled bookings.

Efficient Overlap/Single/Double finder designed to boost Dispatch proficiency.

Real-Time Map Dispatching

AngelTrack's live map utilizes GPS technology to deliver a real-time display of each vehicle's location as they navigate their routes, along with estimated arrival times to equip dispatchers with essential tools.

This Live Map is also equipped with all the functions needed to dispatch directly from the map interface. With routing visualization, dispatchers can swiftly assign calls without having to switch to a different page.


Automated Scheduling for Recurring Calls

For your EMS patients with routine appointments, AngelTrack facilitates automatic rescheduling at any customizable frequency of your choosing.

For instance, a dialysis patient can have their appointments auto-rescheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A patient undergoing chemotherapy for ten consecutive weekdays can be scheduled all at once.

Furthermore, dispatchers can employ AngelTrack's exception system to record a one-time modification to a patient's appointment without altering the recurring schedule. These records are linked to the patient's file, promoting smooth information exchange. This feature synergizes with the Crew Scheduler, offering a visual representation of call volume at any specific time.

Seamlessly Integrated Crew Scheduler

The dispatch system is flawlessly interwoven with AngelTrack's crew scheduler, enabling you to preemptively assign future trips to your upcoming crews. For each trip, dispatchers can see the active and future crews available during the time window, including an automatic calculation of their capabilities.

For organizations where dispatchers also handle scheduling tasks or collaborate closely with supervisors to build the schedule, AngelTrack's crew scheduler offers all the necessary functionalities to create your schedule, ensure crew certificates remain current, manage shift swaps, and more.

AngelTrack SMS and Email Notification

AngelTrack proactively notifies crews via SMS and/or email when a trip is activated or altered. These notifications are sent to individual employees' mobile devices as well as their vehicle's iPad.

Crew members can also choose to receive a variety of other notifications, including schedule reminders, shift activations, incident assignments, and 2FA.

AngelTrack time clock integration

Furthermore, it's integrated with AngelTrack’s time clock, allowing dispatchers to monitor who is clocked-in, who is on-call, and who is on-break.


Continuous Vehicle Fuel Estimates

As your ambulances, wheelchair vans, and fire apparatus respond to calls, AngelTrack persistently estimates their fuel levels, accurate to the nearest quarter tank. These estimates are graphically represented for dispatchers to aid in their trip assignment decisions.

As a component of this system, AngelTrack logs all fuel purchases — including photographs of receipts — for subsequent analysis of fuel consumption and fleet expenses. All your data pertaining to fleet management, route efficacy, cost visualization, are amalgamated on the same platform, coupled with real-time fuel analysis.

Perfect Vertical Integration

As all of AngelTrack's systems are developed in-house and function as a singular system, AngelTrack’s systems are always perfectly integrated, as they were developed in-house, as opposed to other Frankensteined software systems. There's never any lag due to synchronization, no waiting for uploads, or downtime for your Dispatch system while the crew is on duty in the field. AngelTrack also features intelligent record locking to prevent overwriting while simultaneously modifying the same record.

Dispatchers can observe in real-time as crews update their progress and enter patient data. This profound integration also allows dispatchers to preset billing fields and conduct basic billing data entry during call-taking, significantly enhancing downstream automation.

Your billing team will love the wealth of information they receive from dispatch. And, thanks to the smooth data flow within AngelTrack, you can effortlessly outsource your billing if needed.


CAD Integrations

AngelTrack is likely integrated with your current CAD provider, allowing their data, including calls, trip updates, cancellations, and progress updates to flow automatically into the system, bypassing or utilizing AngelTrack’s CAD functionality as configured.

Additionally, AngelTrack’s CAD is also likely integrated with your ePCR provider as well, allowing your agency to use AngelTrack’s CAD and related systems for your operations and keep your current ePCR provider.

If we aren’t already integrated, we have many open-source APIs available with standardized data file formats. For agencies with custom software or for those who want to check compatibility with their current software, reach out to us and see if an integration exists or is possible.

Streamline Your EMS & Fire Service Operations

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