NFIRS System – NFIRS 5.0 Certified

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Perfect Side-by-Side Fire & EMS system

With AngelTrack's Fire Records Management System, you can experience seamless interoperability between Fire & EMS systems. This is achieved through the utilization of a unified database. There’s zero synchronization time, no need for external integrations, and absolutely no delays. When a crew member records data in the field, it becomes instantaneously accessible to anyone authorized.

At an incident site, AngelTrack facilitates real-time data sharing between Fire & EMS personnel. This goes beyond the scene - it also extends to supervisors, dispatch operators, and billing departments, ensuring the highest level of cross-platform communication for your agency.

The system’s enhanced interoperability enables more effective deployment of resources and more responsive service to the community. Moreover, by centralizing data, AngelTrack helps maintain data integrity and reduces the risks of discrepancies.


Automatic Data Validation Rules + Validation Wizard Assistance

AngelTrack’s NFIRS system includes a step-by-step guided report completion as you make your way through the documentation. Each field changes as you complete other fields, allowing you to more easily and quickly complete your report.

At the end, AngelTrack’s Validation Wizard completes NFIRS 5.0 and Local validation rules on your call. For each error, AngelTrack identifies the problems with the field and provides you an immediate link to change the data in the field. You’ll never have to hunt through the system looking for that one incorrect field again!

NFIRS +1 Codes Tracking

AngelTrack's NFIRS module has integrated plus-one codes throughout the Fire Records Management System (RMS) as well as in our state reporting system. You have the flexibility to configure an unlimited number of plus-one codes and seamlessly document them across the system.

AngelTrack's Validation Wizard

To ensure data accuracy and compliance, AngelTrack's Validation Wizard rigorously verifies these codes. It guarantees that they are validated and processed correctly during the state submission phase.

AngelTrack’s Report Builder

Upon finalizing your reports, AngelTrack’s Report Builder empowers you with robust and dynamic data manipulation capabilities. You have unrestrained access to any data field needed, coupled with fully customizable filtering options and intelligent data processing functionalities. Moreover, you can visually represent your data through diverse chart options and conveniently distribute the reports via email.


Automatic State Upload Tool

AngelTrack's NFIRS module streamlines the process of submitting your reports to the state by employing an automated import system. Gone are the days of laboriously printing reports, dealing with faxes, or juggling with .txt files for submission through the state’s portal. AngelTrack intelligently automates this entire process, handling report uploads at specified intervals in the background.

For an added layer of transparency and control, you can monitor the state upload queue in real-time. This allows you to swiftly identify which reports require your attention and which have been successfully uploaded. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures compliance with state reporting requirements without the manual hassle.

Integrated with Other Fire RMS systems

AngelTrack's MDT/NFIRS 5.0 reporting system is seamlessly woven into the Fire RMS, encompassing hydrants, asset tracking, inspections, and pre-incident planning.

In asset tracking, AngelTrack competently monitors crew assignments, vehicle equipment inventory, and key vehicle data.

For hydrants, AngelTrack efficiently catalogs availability, locations, types, and inspection histories. Through our Google Maps integration, it provides street level walking directions to any nearby hydrant.

Pre-incident planning is efficiently handled through the platform; then AngelTrack presents it directly to the MDT, keeping the crew apprised on-scene.

Inspections and permits are also at the crew’s fingertips, with instant access to the latest reports and violation records.

These deep integrations provide a higher level of technological responsiveness, enabling your crews to access the vital information they need, right when they need it.

Streamline Your EMS & Fire Service Operations

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