EMS Ambulance and Fire Cloud Based Timeclock Software

HR & Personnel Management

Human resources is one of the most instrumental aspects of any EMS or Fire organization. People are the most important component for successful emergency operations. Effectively recording, tracking, and maintaining personnel paperwork is crucial for your HR department to keep your crews performing at their highest potential.

AngelTrack’s staff management features system automates the paperwork involved in establishing and maintaining personnel records for your organization, allowing your HR department more time to address issues and remain up-to-date while saving overall resources.


Electronic Employee Records

AngelTrack's staff management feature enables organizations to efficiently manage their employee records. With AngelTrack's permanent electronic storage, employee records can be maintained and reported on, which is particularly useful for organizations that need to comply with regulatory requirements for recordkeeping. This feature ensures that all important employee information is securely stored and easily accessible when needed.

In addition to its recordkeeping capabilities, AngelTrack gives organizations the tools to easily communicate important policy and procedural changes to their employees, automatically send announcements to all employees or specific groups of employees, and streamline communication processes and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

AngelTrack's staff management feature also includes inter-company tracking of documents and state requirements, making it easy to keep track of important paperwork and ensure that all necessary documentation is completed on time. This can help organizations avoid costly mistakes and ensure that they remain in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Time Clock & Attendance

AngelTrack's Smart TimeClock is a full-featured system that includes a variety of advanced features to help organizations effectively manage their workforce.

The Staff Management features seamlessly integrate with Dispatch and HR systems, ensuring that all important information is captured and synchronized perfectly.

Our Smart TimeClock can also export data for use in other applications. This makes it easy for organizations to analyze their timecard data and generate reports that can be used for payroll processing, compliance reporting, and other purposes.

AngelTrack's Terminal System allows supervisors to control exactly which device crews can clock in/out from, and integrates with our other TimeClock security features, such as selfie-mode and IP restrictions.

For example, the system can automatically calculate overtime and track employee leave balances, making it easy for supervisors to ensure that their employees are being compensated appropriately.

AngelTrack’s Crew Scheduling constantly calculates crew service levels, both to make sure adequate staffing levels are met and ensure compliance with state certification rules.

High-Security Mode allows you to eliminate any concern or doubt regarding authenticity of a clock-in by employing the Selfie. Once activated, AngelTrack can require a live self-image from anyone seeking to clock-in. This helps to ensure that clock-ins are authentic and accurate.

Powerful Crew Scheduling for EMS & Fire

AngelTrack's crew scheduling capability helps EMS & Fire organizations efficiently manage their workforce to ensure that shifts are adequately staffed. Shifts can be scheduled to occur in the future and automatically recur, ensuring that employees are scheduled in advance and that there are no gaps in coverage.

AngelTrack's crew scheduling system is perfectly integrated with the dispatch system, time clock, employee and vehicle records, and SMS/email messaging tools. This integration provides a higher level of depth, as it takes into account a variety of important factors such as employee work hours, breaks, tardies, absences, and vacation hours. Additionally, crew members can be assigned to multiple simultaneous shifts, further streamlining the scheduling process.

Streamline Your EMS & Fire Service Operations

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