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True Cloud Solution with Device Agnosticity

AngelTrack runs anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.
Our unique, browser-based framework is expertly optimized to ensure minimal data and CPU usage, delivering a consistently superior, high-quality experience across all platforms.

At the heart of AngelTrack is its pure cloud application design. This means it's always available and accessible, right at your fingertips via the internet. No matter where you are or what time it is, AngelTrack is there to support you.

With AngelTrack, your reports are just a click away, available online around the clock, all year round. The moment you finish a report, it's instantly accessible - no need for time-consuming uploads, synchronization, exports, or trips back to the station. With AngelTrack, you can focus on what truly matters, knowing that we've got the rest covered.

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Perfect Vertical Integration with Patient and/or Facility RMS

As you respond to an incident, AngelTrack automatically presents pertinent information about the call to you – driving directions when you go enroute, PMHx during patient contact steps, and followup information and signatures while you’re at destination, providing a high level of accessibility across all stages of a call.

Our commitment to security is paramount. Data is never permanently stored on your device in online mode and is only stored momentarily in offline mode, significantly reducing the risk of data loss or data breach due to mishandled devices or damage to the device. Additionally, AngelTrack also continually searches for connectivity to establish a data upload, even while in offline mode.

Furthermore, our system is designed to store only one record at a time, which dramatically minimizes potential exposure even in the event of a lost device. With AngelTrack, you can be confident that we prioritize both convenience and security in equal measure.

Seamless Coordination with Dispatch and Billing

AngelTrack brings together your Patient Care Report (PCR), Dispatch, and Billing systems into one unified database. This interconnected design enables crew members and dispatchers to contribute data to each chart simultaneously, fostering seamless integration across departments.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA) reviewers will appreciate the ease of collaboration with crews. The exchange of charts until they meet satisfactory standards becomes a smooth, streamlined process.

Billing personnel

Billing personnel, on the other hand, will find the wealth of information from both the PCR and Dispatch systems invaluable. With AngelTrack, we're not just enhancing your operational efficiency; we're also making the work lives of your team members more productive.


Integrates with Fire RMS

AngelTrack’s PCR is seamless EMS & Fire, combined, in a single user interface. It is approved by FEMA to submit NFIRS 5.0 data to the national fire database.

To see more details about AngelTrack’s PCR in fire / NFIRS mode, look here.

Seamless Offline Mode With One-Tap Activation

AngelTrack's Patient Care Report (PCR) features a convenient one-tap switch to offline mode. This functionality allows for seamless transition between online and offline modes, ensuring your data is always accessible, even without an active internet connection. Our offline mode also boasts data synchronization capabilities, designed to work effectively even with inconsistent internet connectivity, thereby reducing the risk of data loss.

There's no need for pre-installation, no added costs, and it initializes in a flash - in less than a second. To cater to unexpected loss of connectivity, we've also included an option that allows crews to set the system to automatically switch to offline mode when en route.

In its offline capacity, the PCR continues to gather crucial information such as time logs, GPS positions, and more. It also allows crews to document odometer readings, electronic signatures, e-PCS and e-McPAN forms, vital signs, assessments, examinations, demographic data, Past Medical History (PMHx) data, and billing information. Even deep in the heart of the largest hospital, your crews can still record the information they need, eliminating the need to play the “hold the device near the window” game. Once an internet connection is restored, it will automatically synchronize all collected data, ensuring nothing is missed.


Smart Report Writing/Validation

With AngelTrack's Patient Care Report (PCR), smart integration with dispatch, Quality Assurance (QA), and billing systems is the norm. The system is designed to understand exactly what information is required for every call, whether it's for EMS or Fire services.

Our system intuitively highlights necessary sections in yellow, signaling what's essential for report completion. Sections that are recommended for QA approval, but not mandatory, are marked in dark yellow, making it easy to identify what's still needed to submit a thorough report to QA.

State data validation rules, or "schematrons," can often generate error messages that are challenging to decipher. That's why AngelTrack features an automated Contextualizer. This tool transforms each error message into clickable links, leading you directly to the problematic data fields.

Medic-Tested and Approved Usability Features

With AngelTrack, dispatchers can complete a comprehensive round-trip call record within the duration of a phone conversation, thanks to the wealth of information provided during the booking process:

  • Dark mode

  • Mobile Responsive

  • ICD-10/Medication code picker

  • Integrated Document Management

  • Integrated Document Management

  • SMS/Email Notifications

  • Monitor Integration(s)

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