EMS Ambulance and Fire Cloud Based Billing Software

End-to-End Revenue Management

AngelTrack's advanced EMS & Fire billing system is designed to streamline your receivables workflow, saving you time and money in the process. With our integrated platform, automated billing schedules, and user-friendly tools, you can streamline your billing and increase revenue.

AngelTrack's billing will tell you exactly, in cents, where your money is… and more importantly, where it isn’t. We provide complete transparency and insight into your revenue cycle, so you can make informed decisions and optimize your revenue stream.

Designed for Efficiency

With AngelTrack's billing system, you can easily create and batch out claims, create and manage invoices, track payments, and send out reminders to ensure timely payment. Our automated billing system also allows you to set up recurring invoices to help you manage ongoing payments.

Our insurance billing workflow uses a proprietary queue system so everyone in your billing office can work independently inside the system without losing any data or any claims, and uses a deterministic tracking system to make sure that no claims are lost. AngelTrack integrates with any clearinghouse and can automatically upload your claims, download the responses, and process them into its billing system automatically.

Our end-to-end workflow ensures that information moves seamlessly through the stages of billing, auto-populating to reduce the amount of manual intervention required. This level of automation saves you valuable time and reduces errors, increasing your receivables.


Complete Billing System

With AngelTrack's billing suite, you can automatically bill any insurance, patients, affiliates, and facilities with our proprietary customizable pricing schedules, contract awareness, with automated AKS warnings. Our system has complete pricing awareness, allowing for a higher level of efficiency – simply assign a schedule, generate the invoices, and send them out.

AngelTrack also includes advanced payment tracking features that help you manage patient invoices and subscriptions (if applicable) with ease. The system can automatically generate batch files for input into a physical mailout system, such as BillFlash. This reduces the workload for your billing team, freeing them up to focus on other important tasks.


Seamless Data Flow

Every Biller has experienced it: the struggle of getting the necessary information to bill out a claim. This is where AngelTrack’s billing system shines through its seamless integration with our other modules, including dispatch, CAD, PCR, QA review, and electronic document system. This allows your receivables to flow smoothly through your revenue cycle, ensuring accurate and up-to-date billing information.

Our integrated billing system takes all dispatch and PCR data and funnels it into our billing suite, providing a functional workflow that enables you to track all phases of billing from initial submission to follow-up until the claim is paid in full. We also provide custom financial reporting tools to ensure optimized revenue cycle management.

Q&A Protocol

AngelTrack's Q&A System provides your QA reviewers the tools to ensure that your run reports meet the highest standards of accuracy and completeness. Our system helps to ensure that nothing is missed, while also providing the flexibility to customize requirements to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Our Q&A Protocol imposes certain requirements on run reports, helping to ensure that critical information is not overlooked. A set standard is available on the system, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your agency. As you adjust or add more Q&A standards, you can easily publish and inform your crews via AngelTrack's Announcement System, keeping everyone up to date and informed of changes to your agency's protocol.


Outsourceable Workflow

You can bring your billing in-house or AngelTrack can integrate with any billing subcontractor. The subcontractor can remain detached from your organization, or they can integrate, remotely accessing your AngelTrack cloud server and perform billing on your behalf. AngelTrack’s billing API allows your chosen contractor to download the calls automatically from your system.

This type of outsourceable workflow brings many advantages, including the flexibility to implement AngelTrack even while engaged in a contract with a billing company. It liberates you from the constraints often imposed by billing service providers.

With AngelTrack's seamless workflow, you can confidently release your current billing company and effortlessly transition to another provider or opt to manage your billing in-house. Ultimately, AngelTrack returns control of your agency's data to where it truly belongs - in your hands and those of your team.

Online Payments & Automated Claims Handling

AngelTrack's billing system includes a self-pay portal, powered by Stripe, facilitating online bill payments from facilities, affiliates, and notably, patients. This process removes the need for phone calls to your office for payment, as money is transferred directly from the payer's account to yours via Stripe. Moreover, all necessary accounting adjustments are automatically implemented in AngelTrack's billing system to prevent double payments.

Simultaneously, the Clearinghouse Uploader/Downloader tool allows your billing office to submit claims and retrieve Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) responses without manual intervention or the security risk of downloading Protected Health Information (PHI) to a local device. This not only safeguards against errors such as double-uploads and inadvertent uploads to the wrong payer, but it also streamlines the entire process.


Delayed Price Quoting

AngelTrack uses lazy price quoting, where the official price of a dispatch is not calculated until passage from QA, during invoicing or insurance filing.

Dispatchers can quote prices up front, with help from AngelTrack’s maps and route calculator. Cash-pay is supported too. But most of the time, price quoting best occurs later, after the odometer readings are in, and after QA has checked the mileage and services provided.

AngelTrack’s clever automatic pricer supports all popular pricing combinations of EMS and fire responses. It can even auto-apply the relevant Medicare prices.

Lastly, AngelTrack offers a payment terminal for Dispatchers, using MOTO technology to process credit cards during the call-taking process, if necessary. The funds are immediately transferred to your account, and all the relevant billing actions occur automatically as well.

Subscription Payments/Tracking & Rapid Invoice Generation

From tracking subscriptions like fire services to instantly generating and sending invoices via integrations like BillFlash, AngelTrack handles it all. It manages any type of subscription you offer, improving the efficiency of your operations.

Moreover, AngelTrack's Express Invoice Generator can create bulk invoices, potentially numbering in the hundreds or thousands, simultaneously. This tool uses various filters to differentiate payers requiring special attention from those on your regular payment schedule, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring smooth operations.


Fire Billing

AngelTrack billing system includes specific features designed for fire agencies to handle all of their billing needs in the system. The integrated workflow provides tools to automatically assess pricing to any payor necessary, with a completely customizable pricing structure based on the service level provided.

AngelTrack’s service charges features allows you to completely customize invoices before they reach the client, providing even more flexibility in your billing process on top of the automation provided by your pricing structure.

Finally, AngelTrack’s subscriptions system allows you to programmatically track all of your subscriptions, send out invoices, track payments, report on late payments/cancellations, and more fully automatically.

Streamline Your EMS & Fire Service Operations

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