AngelTrack Promise

At AngelTrack, we’ve dealt with many different agencies and private EMS & Fire departments, and a story we regularly hear is the woes of dealing with software companies.

To solve this problem, we’ve created what we term the AngelTrack Promise. It highlights how working with us as your software provider is different.

We have 24/7/365 Support provided by trained, professional Native-English speakers, all of whom have extensive experience in EMS and/or AngelTrack. Additionally, we don’t play games with automated phone systems. You don’t have to enter your “Customer ID” so they can decide how important your phone call is.

Our software has a uptime percentage guarantee.

We are committed to radical transparency; to this end, we:

  • Publish all of our pricing on our website.

  • Publish all of our product documentation on our support website,

  • Publish all of our training materials on our training site,

  • Offer complete, uncensored demos to any prospective client without any form of commitment, earnest money, NDA, or anything else. Additionally, at the end of the demo you can request a sandbox login to our product. This is a real, live version of our product -- we don't show you one thing and then you receive something totally different.

  • We do not require contracts for any customer. Contracts are offered to customers upon their request and have an easy-termination clause for both parties, legally described as “for cause or convenience.” Some customers prefer contracts, especially when dealing with city officials or to lock in your price. We're happy to work with you and get a contract, but we never require one; our customers can drop us for any reason at any time. We prefer strong collaboration with our customers instead of trapping them in a contract, often with a mandatory price increase.

Streamline Your EMS & Fire Service Operations

Many customers feel trapped because they don’t think there’s another option. Give us a Call.

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