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Christopher D Hanka


With the ability to speak 5+ programming languages, Christopher began his career with AngelTrack as a Software Engineer completing college with a focus on Finance and General Business. His training in the martial arts influences his forthright approach and interaction with other leaders in the industry. Leading from the front, he embraces the mindset of hiring professionals and then allowing them to achieve their work goals through interaction with colleagues and self-direction. He credits his Team with AngelTrack’s advancements in its cutting-edge technology, innovative approach to EMS Software, and outstanding Customer Service that advances the fully-integrated Cloud software to EMS agencies across the United States and abroad.


Brandy Dancer

Client Support and Billing Specialist

A native Texan with over 30 years of experience in medical billing, Brandy joined AngelTrack in 2022. With ambulance billing as her specialty for over 2 decades now, she brings expertise and first-hand experience to the clients who seek help with AT’s many features, and its advanced Billing Suite. A true asset to Support, Brandy’s friendly approach with clients and extensive knowledge of EMS Billing renders her as one of the best in the field, earning her the respect of those who seek her help, her colleagues and those in the industry.


Nathanael (Nathan) Freeman

Inventory Supervisor and Outbound Account Representative

With 15+ years in Inventory Management and Electronics, Nathan responsibilities include maintaining the Marketing & Recognition Inventory and support of Onboarding & Outreach Teams by supplying the tools and equipment necessary for their success as they travel across the United States. Nathan’s experience as a Voice and Seasonal character for two major corporations couples with his lighthearted and personable demeanor which lends to his success when speaking with those seeking to learn more about AngelTrack.

Quinton Berry

Quinton Berry

Director of Business Relations

With a varied and diverse background in the world of business and with parents in both the EMS and Fire industries, Quinton naturally gravitated towards AngelTrack, a company that serves both fields. Holding degrees in Criminal Science and History, his diverse background honed his ability to converse with individuals in a manner considered both friendly and fact-oriented, as evident in his interactions with both current and potential clients. A native-born Texan, Quinton’s role as the Director of Business Relations affords him the opportunity to spend elemental time building key relationships with those in the industry while representing AngelTrack at conferences and conventions across the nation.

Michael_Profile Picture 3

Michael Kirby

Director of Training

Michael’s background where he developed an Employee Training Program and managed the product testing team are essential skills that he brings to his role at AngelTrack. His experience in testing and training has helped him build an effective training program for both clients and employees so all users of the software have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use the platform to its fullest extent. Working with Marketing and the Audio-Visual Departments, Michael is an integral part of the AngelTrack team dedicated to the LMS system used in high schools and colleges.

Paola_Profile Picture 2

Paola Kirby

Audio Visual Specialist

Internationally educated and trained, Paola’s skill and far-reaching experiences appear in the imagery and creativeness she brings to her art. Working closely with both the Education and the Marketing Departments, her work product displays across multiple platforms and educational formats. Tri-lingual, Her ability to translate AngelTrack’s media targeted for world citizens, whether as an exclusive presentation or meant for mass-media release, proves invaluable. An integral part of the AngelTrack Team.


Byron Noel

Integration and Support Specialist

A member of the Team for more than seven years, Byron leads as the Integration and Support Specialist. Degreed from Ashford University with an MBA/BA, the Culinary Institute of Johnson and Wales, and a businessman with experience owning and operating several companies. He possesses an extensive background in EMS Billing, Auditing /Consulting and Recovery Management. Sought for his direction by AngelTrack’s hospital clients, county agencies, and private EMS businesses alike due to his expansive knowledge of the software. He contributes to the development of the software in the realm of Billing and participates in the generation of educational material. His approach to a client’s needs described as “cutting-edge,” Byron’s quick wit and willingness to support clients in all phases of the process, from integration to maturity, underscores the essential value of the skills he brings to the Team.

Giovanni Gio Chiarella

Giovanni (Gio) Chiarella

Operations Specialist

Graduate of the Crafton Hills College Paramedic program, Gio began his career in EMS in 1987 working in Orange County and Fontana, California. His unique experiences in EMS as Receptor in an intensely high-volume First in 911 environment, Paramedic Coordinator, Ops Manager and later Director of Ops in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, led him to create a Management and Consulting firm for EMS agencies. In Operational Oversight he lent direction to fledgling companies to help support and develop staff and management teams. A member of the Team for 6+ years, and respected by those in the field, he recognizes the dilemmas and issues Providers face every day. Gio’s vast experience as an EMS Provider and extensive knowledge of AngelTrack continues to prove vital to clients and colleagues as he lends direction and guidance as a major contributor in the generation of company training videos and outreach materials.

Karen Couvillion

Karen Couvillion

Chief Marketing Officer

Navy brat and later Active, Karen served as a street and Hospital Flight paramedic in Texas. Degreed in Political Science, English and Marketing Psych, her history includes ownership of a large private ambulance company, professor at several State universities, and restaurateur of establishments in Texas and Louisiana. Karen considers working with the AT team while promoting the brand and watching the company grows in strength and reputation amongst some of her favorite life experiences.

Emmanuel Hernandez

Emmanuel Hernandez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Veteran US Marine radio operator and entrepreneur in both media and tech realms, Emmanuel plays a key role on the AngelTrack Marketing team. Hailing from the Pacific Southeast, his knowledge of cultural nuances influences his design talent as evidenced in the product he creates. He credits his military training and experience with his self-discipline and adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances which he easily applies to business and design work. New to the Team, Emmanuel’s easily fits in with the diversified approach to the Digital Marketing realm of AngelTrack.

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