AngelTrack is an integrated system meant to run your entire operation. Dispatch, PCR, NFIRS, QA, scheduling, billing, timeclock, fleet, checklists, HR, supervision — they all feed data to each other, as any high-function organization should. There is no importing or exporting or converting; AngelTrack is a single unified dataset expressing all aspects of your organization. Your AngelTrack license enables all of these features.

AngelTrack is licensed by call volume, according to these guidelines:

EMS $599/month
EMS $1199/month
EMS $2299/month
EMS $3899/month
up to 600 calls/month up to 1600 calls/month up to 3200 calls/month up to 10000 calls/month
(about 20/day) (about 50/day) (about 100/day) (about 350/day)

Your organization may require a larger license, if you place an abnormal load on AngelTrack or if you generate an abnormal volume of data.

Once licensed, if your call volume consistently exceeds the above guidelines, your account will be reviewed and may be required to upgrade to an appropriate server strength. For EMS licensing, wheelchair calls count as 1/3rd of a stretcher call for the purpose of this formula. Cancelled calls are not counted against you.

These are US prices for US customers. For service outside USA, prices are higher due to country-specific software and compliance requirements; please call for details.

No contract and no obligation

AngelTrack is pay-as-you-go, with no contract, no startup fees, no obligation to continue, and no surprises. You may purchase it monthly or annually. There is a small discount for purchasing a year at a time.

If you choose to stop using AngelTrack, then simply stop paying, export your data, and be free.