Our software is designed to be the heart of your operations, connecting vital components in one cohesive ecosystem. With an extensive suite of integrations, AngelTrack links EMS & Fire RMS with essential tools and services.

CAD Integrations

AngelTrack's CAD API, with appropriate API keys, allows any CAD provider, trip aggregator, or PSAP to directly input calls into your AngelTrack Server.

AngelTrack has three separate, integrations available using the JSON, ESO-based XML, and NEMSIS v3.4/v3.5 formats.

We have completed integrations with these companies:

VectorCare, MoviHealth, Randseco/StatCall, LogistiCare/ModivCare*, TylerTech

Many more integrations are pending.


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AngelTrack's CAD --> ePCR Vendor

AngelTrack CAD --> ePCR

We have completed, tested, and working integrations with ESO and HealthEMS/Sansio to input records into their ePCR.

This integration uses NEMSIS Standard Data Format which any ePCR should be able to import, including but not limited to, ImageTrend, FirstDue, etc.

Pulasara Communications Platform

We have integrated with Pulsara, to provide real-time bi-directional data transfer from Pulsara's platform to AngelTrack.

Please see our help document for more information regarding the technical details:



Kno2 HIE Platform

We have integrated with Kno2, to provide access to the QHIN in the United States.

We are excited to bring cutting-edge technology to all of our customers, allowing them to instantly and automatically communicate with other health providers in the United States to provide a higher level of care to patients, and a more efficient workflow to our providers.

Please see our help document for more information regarding the technical details.


Billing Data Export

For those customers using AngelTrack's ePCR product, and wish to export their billing data automatically to their 3rd party billing service, we have standing integrations with many billing providers and emit in the standardized data format, so many billing company should be able to connect.

Invoice Generator For Facilities

Monitor Integrations

AngelTrack has integrated with your favorite monitor platforms (Zoll, Stryker, and Philips) to automatically pull data through the Cloud from your monitor into our ePCR, pulling in vitals records, ECG strips, Pulsox data, AED usage, etc.

Stryker uses their RescueNet system, Zoll uses their C2C Platform, and Philips has the Corsium Web Service to provide an API connector to AngelTrack. Once configured, it can be accessed with one button in the ePCR.

Clearinghouse Integrations

Through standard EDI formats, AngelTrack can integrate with any clearinghouse.

Our SFTP Uploader allows for the automatic submission and retrieval of your claims from the clearinghouse. We have a particularly strong relationship and are absolutely certain our uploader works with no custom configuration with OfficeAlly, WayStar, and Availity.


Payment Portal

Our Self-Pay Portal system is built using Stripe as its payment platform. Stripe, one of the industry-leading payment processors, processes the payment from the payor, through their platform, to your bank account.

It does not, under any circumstances, flow through AngelTrack. We never touch your money. Additionally, AngelTrack does not impose any fees on the back-end nor receive a kickback from Stripe.

Finally, payment data flows back from Stripe to AngelTrack, and is recorded automatically in your billing system. Our AI then uses that data to make any necessary post-process moves, all done seamlessly through the back-end.

Collection Company Integrations

AngelTrack has several standard data formats that can be exported for your preferred collections company, at your desired interval whenever needed. This format can also be altered, and/or customized using our Report Builder!

AngelTrack Report Builder

Request An Integration

AngelTrack has many APIs available for use; if you don't see an integration here with a company you work with, one of our APIs may work.

If you don't see a necessary integration, or you're a company wanting to integrate with us, please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-946-1808 ext. 2.

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