AngelTrack includes an employee scheduler perfectly integrates with its dispatch system, with its time-clock, with its employee and vehicle records, and with its SMS/email messaging system… making it far more effective than any third-party employee scheduler.

Bring Your Own Device!


AngelTrack runs anywhere, on any device. You can use Android tablets, iPads, toughbooks, smartphones, and of course desktops.

All you need is a standard browser and an internet connection, to check work schedule, request vacation days, and clock in or out.

Use the mobile cost estimator page to see what different mobile devices will cost over time.

EMS Ambulance and Fire Department Together

AngelTrack is unified EMS and fire, so your EMS crews, your fire crews, and your office staff can all participate in a single global schedule.

Ambulance and fire truck

Automatic Recurrence

Schedules can automatically recur on a custom schedule, allowing your managers to set a regular schedule that recurs every week, or every two weeks, or as often as you like.

Automatic recurrence

Smooth and quick UI allows your managers to add holiday exceptions, cancellations, and crew swaps wherever they wish, and AngelTrack will then calculate the rest.

SMS and Email Notifications

Employees can register to receive SMS or email notification of upcoming shifts, giving them a one-hour heads-up whenever they are expected at work.

These features can drastically reduce the number of times that employees accidentally miss work.

SMS notification of shift schedule

Graceful Dispatch Integration

Dispatch Assignment

The crew scheduler is smoothly integrated with AngelTrack’s dispatch system, allowing dispatchers to pre-assign trips to future scheduled crews.

It verifies crew patch levels, vehicle capabilities, and work schedules, in order to show dispatchers which shifts are qualified and available for each trip, no matter how far into the future.

This perfect integration allows frictionless reassignments of upcoming trips; dispatchers can move a trip from an active shift to a scheduled shift to an affiliate and then back again, in a single seamless user-interface.

Time Clock Integration

Integration with AngelTrack’s time clock allows the crew schedule to know when the necessary employees have clocked in, and until such time, to hold their scheduled unit as unavailable to dispatchers. This means that your dispatchers can work in a separate office from the crew stations, no longer needing to have eyes directly on their crews.

It will even automatically mark tardies on employees’ timecards, if they are late so as to hold up a scheduled shift.

Timeclock BYOD

Swap Request Workflow

Shift schedule requests grid

Employees can request to swap shifts with each other within a pay period. AngelTrack then automatically collects a consent from the other crew member. Because AngelTrack is 100% pure cloud based, they can all do this from home.

Dispatchers and HR can approve or deny the requests, using point-and-click to quickly check conflicts and adjust the planned schedule. Learn more…

Office Staff Too

AngelTrack’s scheduler can also book the work schedules of your dispatchers, supervisors, managers, billers, and everyone else in the office. Learn more…

Everyone can then access their work schedules remotely, and even agree to swap shifts with each other, without need to visit the office.

Biller working in the office

HR Integration

Crew certificates

Integration with AngelTrack’s HR system allows the scheduler to calculate the expected patch levels and capabilities of all scheduled crews.

AngelTrack can then show supervisors and dispatchers how many units of each service level (wheelchair, BLS, ALS, fire, rescue, etc.) will be available at any future date and time.

The calculations are live, which means that crews can input and update their EMS and fire certificates whenever they wish, and the crew schedule will automatically adjust itself.

Fleet Integration

AngelTrack’s employee scheduler is a true emergency-services scheduler, which means: You aren’t just booking employees, you are booking employees and their vehicles.

It graphically displays the vehicles that are available during any planned shift, binding them into the schedule so that supervisors know which ones are still available.

This is a huge advantage over third-party employee scheduling apps which are usually unaware of vehicle assignments, or of vehicle capabilities.

Ambulance in tunnel

Coverage Projections

Calendar of scheduled shifts

Using prior dispatch data, the scheduler shows your managers how many units of each patch level will be required at any future date and time. It can then analyze whether enough shifts are already booked to cover that call volume — using higher-patched units to cover lower-patch calls as necessary.

With a couple of mouse clicks, managers can visually check whether enough units are booked for the coming week.

Vacation Request Workflow

Employees can request vacation days by point-and-click in their work calendars, specifying an alternate employee who has agreed to cover their shifts.

Dispatchers and HR can approve or deny the requests, easily swapping the replacement employee into their currently scheduled shifts. Learn more…

Vacation request calendar


Zone dispatching

Divide your service area in half, or thirds, or quarters, or whatever suits you, and then assign vehicles and employees to the different zones. You can then manage your employee schedule by-zone, or use the global view. Learn more…

100% Cloud Based

AngelTrack is 100% pure cloud software. It requires nothing on your mobile devices, and stores nothing on your workstations. Any of your employees can access it from anywhere, from any computer, without need of pre-configuration or pre-installation.

Cloud software

Perpetual Updates

Cloud application

AngelTrack is a cloud application, so there is nothing to install, and never any hassle with updates.

You will always have the latest version, and we constantly ship improvements.

Heavy Security Features

Your data sits behind layers of protection and paranoid design.

AngelTrack’s list of security features is too long to reprint here. See it for yourself here.

Steel shield

Unlimited Seats


You can have as many crew members, as many dispatchers, and as many supervisors, as you like. There are no per-seat charges. AngelTrack is licensed on call volume, and cancelled calls do not count against you.

24/7/365 Support by Americans

You get 24/7/365 support by American citizens, no charge.

If you have a problem, you can talk to a native English speaker who knows what they’re doing.