EMS and Fire Crew Scheduler in the Cloud

AngelTrack has a crew scheduler that is perfectly integrated with its dispatch system, with its time-clock, with its employee and vehicle records, and with its SMS/email messaging system… making it far more effective than any third-party employee scheduler.

Automatic Recurrence

Scheduled shifts can automatically recur on a custom schedule, allowing your managers set a regular crew schedule that recurs every week, or every two weeks, or as often as you like.


Smooth and quick UI allows your managers to add black-out dates, holiday exceptions, cancellations, and crew swaps wherever they wish, and AngelTrack will then calculate the rest.

Integrated Crew Notification

Crew members can visit their AngelTrack home page at any time — even from home — to see a live calendar of their coming work schedule.

They can also register to receive SMS or email notification of upcoming shifts, giving them a one-hour heads-up whenever they are expected at work.

These features can drastically reduce the number of times that employees accidentally miss work.

Dispatch Integration


The crew scheduler is smoothly integrated with AngelTrack’s dispatch system, allowing dispatchers to pre-assign trips to future scheduled crews.

It verifies crew patch levels, vehicle capabilities, and work schedules, in order to show dispatchers which shifts are qualified and available for each trip, no matter how far into the future.

This perfect integration allows frictionless reassignments of upcoming trips; dispatchers can move a trip from an active shift to a scheduled shift to an affiliate and then back again, in a single seamless user-interface.

Time Clock Integration

Integration with AngelTrack’s time clock allows the crew schedule to know when the necessary employees have clocked in, and until such time, to hold their scheduled unit as unavailable to dispatchers. This means that your dispatchers can work in a separate office from the crew stations, no longer needing to have eyes directly on their crews.

It will even automatically mark tardies on employees’ timecards, if they are late so as to hold up a scheduled shift.

HR Integration

Integration with AngelTrack’s HR system gives the crew scheduler the ability to calculate the expected patch levels of all scheduled crews. AngelTrack can then show how many units of each service level (wheelchair, BLS, ALS, etc.) will be available at any future date and time.

Dispatchers can book crews in-advance, and even pre-assign their trips for that date.

The calculations are live, which means that crews can input and update their own EMS certificates whenever they wish, and the crew schedule will automatically adjust itself, without manual intervention.

Fleet Integration

Because AngelTrack’s crew scheduler is aware of your fleet records, it gracefully prevents your managers from accidentally double-booking an ambulance. It graphically displays the vehicles that are available during any planned shift, binding them into the schedule so that other managers know which ones are still available.

This is a huge advantage over third-party employee scheduling apps which are usually unaware of vehicle assignments, or of vehicle capabilities.

Coverage Projections

Using prior dispatch data, the crew scheduler shows your managers how many units of each patch level will be required at any future date and time. It can then analyze whether enough shifts are already booked to cover that call volume — using higher-patched units to cover lower-patch calls as necessary.

With a couple of mouse clicks, managers can visually check whether enough units are booked for the coming week.

100% Cloud

AngelTrack is 100% pure cloud software. It requires nothing on your mobile devices, and stores nothing on your workstations. Any of your employees can access it from anywhere, from any computer, without need of pre-configuration or pre-installation.