1800+ Datafields to Choose From!

Report Builder dataset picker

Report Builder has more than 1800 datafields to choose from, grouped in 60 different datasets in 32 categories. 

You can pull data from all across AngelTrack’s vast datastore!

A tree navigator helps you browse this enormous repository to find exactly the field you need.

Create Custom Metrics

Design any combination of fields, filters, sorts, and groups to create custom performance metrics for dispatch, for patient care, for billing, and for HR.

AngelTrack exposes vast numbers of quanta to choose from — some of them raw data, others pre-computed for you.

Report Builder percent late report

Data Mine for New Opportunities

Report Builder wheelchair revenue

By comparing financial data, runtime data, mileage data, and workflow data, you can find unexpected correlations, to help identify missed revenue opportunities.

For example, at contract renewal time, you can pull a report of all your wheelchair calls that were run under contract, to see which facilities are slowest to pay, or have the highest slack mileage, or incurred the largest writeoffs, or produced the smallest revenue per call.

Multi-Sort and Multi-Filter

Activate as many column filters and sort columns as you need to find the answer you seek. Once you get the hang of it, you can quickly zoom in on outliers!

Report Builder sort and filter options

Group, Stack, Pivot, and Aggregate

Report Builder group, stack, and pivot

One-click pivot your chart, to convert a datafield into categories, such as months or HCPCS codes. Then add row groups to subdivide your data among those categories, to pull sums or averages or counts.

Quick and Easy Integrated Charts

Click and drag across your data to select the rows and columns you want, then right-click to add a chart. Easily choose from a variety of chart types, including columns, bars, stacks, lines, points, areas, pies, donuts, scatters, histograms, and combinations.

Report Builder custom metrics

Automatic Sliding Date Windows

Report Builder choice of date windows

Automatic sliding date windows makes it easy to have reports that always “look back” at the past 30 days, or past 90 days, or any interval up to a full year.

Or use a fixed date window if you always want a specific time period.

One-Click Excel Export

It only takes a single click to drop all the data to Excel, where you can perform advanced analytics.

Report Builder one-click export to Excel

Save and Share Reports

Report Builder save and share reports

Create all the reports you like. Mark them ‘public’ to allow other users to enjoy them.

You can also enjoy the large library of built-in reports, modifying or repurposing them to suit.

One-Click Email Your Results to Others

AngelTrack’s integrated HIPAA-compliant email system allows you to send your completed charts to others. You can even include an Excel spreadsheet of the raw data.

Report Builder one-click email your reports

Role-Based Access Control

Report Builder manage saved reports

Your Administrators, Billers, and Captains all have access to Report Builder… but Captains are automatically excluded from any report that contains financial data.

50+ Built-In Reports

To get you off to a roaring start, there are 50+ built-in reports showing different aspects of the datasets and grouping and charting features.

You can edit the built-in reports to suit your needs, or duplicate them as starting points for new reports, or just play with them to quickly learn how the system works.

Report Builder data-mining pie chart

Add-On License Required

Report Builder Pivot chart

Report Builder is a premium add-on to AngelTrack, requiring a separate license. Please refer to the pricing chart on the front page for current pricing.